Good Harvest is a family owned corporation founded in 2016 by Engineer Edison D. Rasalan Sr, a retired Overseas Filipino Worker. He worked for more than 2 decades abroad to support his family. The time came for him to come home for good when his youngest son graduated from college.

Wanting to help his province and its residents, he initially planned to establish an agri-business venture with focus on coffee tree farming back in his hometown in Apayao, a province in the Cordillera Autonomous Region. After researching, he learned that the market in Northern Luzon is already saturated, including that of his own province. With the help of his children and siblings, they looked for a more sustainable crop and found that cacao is a more suitable investment, aided by its resiliency and the continuous global demand for it.

Armed with determination and the support from his family, Engr. Rasalan sought assistance from the Local Government Unit of Apayao and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources through its Enhanced National Greening Program to help develop a 300-hectare land into a cacao farm. Their aim is to make Apayao a well-known producer of high quality, 100% organically grown cacao in the region, and then the world.