Cacao Trainings and Seminars in the Philippines

31 01-2019

The Philippines has enacted the Cacao Roadmap in 2006 to increase the Cacao producing areas in the country. This is in partnership with the local government units and the private sector. In it, the Philippine government wishes to create a more sustainable method of cacao farming and encourage more and more of its citizens to venture in its farming and production.


The government through its different departments such as the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Trade and Industry, as well as private organizations all over the country, offer seminars and training of how to grow and manufacture the crop.


Malagos Chocolate


Malagos Chocolate is one of the Philippines’ leading cacao farming and manufacturing company. It is situated in Davao City. As part of its advocacy in making cacao as one of the country’s priority crops, it conducts 3-day seminars on sustainable cacao farming scheduled throughout the year. It is being held at the Malagos Farm located at the Malagos Baguio District in Davao City.




CIDAMi or the Cacao Industry Development Association of Mindanao, Inc. is a private organization comprised of members ranging from people in the academe, cacao farmers, farming cooperatives, suppliers and manufacturers across Mindanao. Its objective is to provide knowledge and technical assistance on sustainable cacao farming. The trainings it conducts range from cacao farming, pricing of products to financial literacy.


Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Training Institute


The DA-ATI has been conducting free seminars for individuals interested in the Agri-Business sector. Topics ranges from Organic Farming for Newbies to Product Packaging and Labelling. Although they do not specifically talk about cacao as a product, this is still a great way of introducing people to agriculture. They also have the ATIng Gulayan ng DA project, in which they showcase replicable methods and technologies in urban agriculture / edible landscaping and sustainable agriculture through establishment of a learning site and complement classroom learnings of children.


There are other trainings and seminars about cacao farming either by government offices or private organizations, but they are long over by the time of this writing.


At Golden Harvest, we aim to conduct more trainings and seminars to interested individuals, especially from the local community in partnership with the government. This is a way for us to give back and be inclusive in growth as we face the demand for more cacao products in the whole world.

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