Organic and Sustainable Farming

13 06-2019

In this day and age of health-concerned individuals and environmental issues, you’d often hear the words “organic” and “sustainable” whenever companies talk about the raw food ingredients and products that they promote, but are they one and the same? Could organic farming be sustainable, and vice versa?

Organic versus Sustainable Farming

People might often confuse these two words, but they are fundamentally different. Organic is not always sustainable, and sustainable farming does not always produce organic products. 

Organic farming simply means that natural ways of farming were used to plant, grow and produce fruits and vegetables. There are no synthetic fertilizers and pesticides that could potentially harm both the land and the people and animals living on it. No use of genetically modified organisms via genetic engineering.

Sustainable farming, on the other hand, means that the farming practices could go on and on without depleting the natural resources that a land could give, with the goal of meeting the current needs while ensuring that future generations could also benefit from it and meet their own needs. This would mean that nutrients taken from the soil by crops should be replaced by natural methods, and that soil conditions are kept and not destroyed. One good example of this is planting rotational crops, in which different kinds of crops will be planted in every cycle. Another would be planting more resilient crops, like cacao and coffee.

Sustainable and Organic: Combining Concepts

Although the terms are entirely different meaning, they can be combined to grow high quality and natural produce. Farmers and Agri-Businesses alike can use sustainable farming methods like maximizing the land by growing diverse crops while employing organic farming techniques such as use of compost manures as fertilizers instead of synthetic chemicals. 

At Good Harvest, we will strive to continually produce high quality cacao products by using organic farming techniques in a very sustainable manner. 


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